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  1. R4i SDHC 3DS RTS 2017 | R4 Card For 2DS 3DS XL DSi XL DS

    Regular Price: CA$27.00

    Special Price CA$19.49

    R4i SDHC 3DS RTS 2017 is the Best r4 card from r4i-sdhc for the latest 3DS&DSI firmware version. Support DS games and works on any Nintendo New 2DSXL / 2DS / 3DS / New3DS XL / DSi XL(LL) / DSi / DS Lite / DS console. It does Not play 3DS Games! R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS is plug&play and allowing users to enjoy homebrews freely. Worldwide Free shipping. Fast delivery with USPS/LA POSTE/DHL. Learn More
  2. R4I GOLD PRO 2017 | R4 For 2DS N3DS XL DSi XL NDS

    Regular Price: CA$24.00

    Special Price CA$19.20

    R4i Gold Pro supports NTRboot, and play DS games as well. Support Moonshell 2.2 and NEW 2DS / NEW 3DS / 3DS (XL) / 2DS consoles, even it with V11.6.0-39, or DS/DS Lite/DSI XL with v1.4.5. R4I Gold Pro 3DS is compatible with almost all the DS games NOT 3DS GAME. Plus, the card team always keep updating the kernel to support the new 3ds update. Cheap, safe payment and fast shipping in our site! Learn More
  3. R4i-B9S (R4 card supports B9S / 3DS CFW)

    Regular Price: CA$33.00

    Special Price CA$26.99

    R4I-B9S which with pre-flashed DS/NTRBoot flashcart, you can easily install boot9strap and Luma 3DS CFW on your 3DS, NEW 3DS or 2DS, 2DS XL console. No need to flash ntrboot by yourself any more, R4I B9S is your perfect chocie for getting CFW/B9S to play free CIA 3DS Games! Moreover, with a B9S flasher, it supports DS Games too. Learn More
  4. Sky3DS+ | Sky3ds PLUS

    Regular Price: CA$118.50

    Special Price CA$97.49

    SKY3DS+( PLUS ) plays 3DS Games on any 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL/2DS firmware console. Support all (new) 3DS games including Pokemon Sun & Moon with V140 firmware. New 2 buttons are easier and convenient to switch games. It is also easy to use, download, plug, then play, no diskwriter required. Now, it is working on 3DS 11.6.0 and can play out of region free 3ds games with Freakyhax or Ninjhax 2.9. Learn More
  5. Gateway 3DS for Nintendo 3DS 3DS(XL)

    Regular Price: CA$67.50

    Special Price CA$44.85

    Buy Gateway 3DS cart supports cheats code all 3DS roms, play any 3DS ROM from all regions. Firmware spoofing allow gamers to play those games without the need for updating 3DS system. Support homebrews, emunand 11.2, 3ds cheats code and so on. Now ULTRA 3.7+ support 3DS 4.1~9.2 directly. Learn More

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